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AI Can Help in Building 3D Holograms:

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  • May 20, 2021

A new era of technology is yet to come and researchers are finding every possible way to give the best solution to the world through these technologies. These technologies help most individuals to achieve what they want and when there is no hope for a solution, technologies help in the best ways. In the time of the pandemic, people used to do most of the work digitally and so the digital world evolved rapidly. Now MIT researchers have developed a way to generate holograms and this can be created very quickly without fail. With this technology, we can interact with someone else while seeing them in virtual reality and this experience can give a very appropriate replica of the scenario, and hence a user can experience a smart interface to organize conferences and meetings. It is being created to be used on any screen but to optimize it to a cell phone-oriented screen is a bit difficult. Researchers are doing some work on it. A new and creative method is involved to create holography and holography could enable the creation of holograms for virtual reality which includes a lot of things 3D printing, medical imaging, and more which can even operate on a smartphone.

Despite years of hype the virtual reality is yet to come and get introduced to our world. Virtual reality is the ultimate future of our world. There are some advantages of virtual reality over actual reality as virtual brings comfort to us right in our laps and hence the dependency on machines gets lower and we rely more on automated systems.

There are some serious zig-zag and disadvantages of having a virtual reality (VR) interface for video viewing. Lots of companies and industries are moving their platform from office meetings to a conference but what they lack is the emptiness of a person in between a discussion and other things. When we increase our screen time or VR time, we experience a user sickness which can happen mainly in the eyes and ultimately it started circulating to your whole body, and hence you will feel sicker at other parts as well. Nausea and eye strain can result because VR creates an illusion and this illusion provides a 3D view although the user is constantly starring at the display which causes constant pain.