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AI Framework Helps Serbia Reach One Million Vaccines

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  • Apr 27, 2021

Many industries are expanding as a result of recent substantial growth in AI technology. Serbia had a laid-out plan of providing vaccines to its citizens where they have opted for a framework in which the mechanism is channelized by an organization. They can monitor the activities, for instance, vaccine distribution, and it also provides an option to the patient concerning the choice of vaccine and at what time they need to get the vaccine. Additionally, the citizens who need to get vaccinated lives in a different location but according to the Serbian framework, the vaccine would be shipped as per the person's preferred time and location. There are different kinds of vaccines available in Serbia, which include shots from Pfizer-BioNTech, Sinopharm, and Sputnik.

According to Vukasin Grozdic, the main advisor of the prime minister, this framework adopted where the freedom of choice of the vaccine according to people’s need is provided has largely relied on the current technology and proves the system’s technology of AI to be very advance.

This campaign of providing vaccines has been dependent on factors, such as availability of space and transportation charges among others. One of the factors is the affordable pricing of the vaccine as all individuals have different types of income.

Serbia is officially successful in managing this framework with the help of AI through which the vaccine will be distributed. AI software has been built up by engineers and developers, which eventually speed up the process of vaccine distribution. On the other hand, it is a new technique in the market which makes it a bit difficult to adapt to this approach but slowly and gradually, it will ease the process. They have also implemented a new process of vaccine delivery, which is called the system for immunization management of the Republic of Serbia. This system helps to easily monitor the immunization of every citizen who appears under a particular radius.