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AI to Empower The European Telehealth Market:

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  • May 19, 2021

The telehealth market is growing very fast and there is a vision to provide a better solution for medical care. People are now suffering from lots of diseases and they don’t have any reliable source to get proper treatment. AI and cloud to empower the European telehealth market and it was analyzed by Frost and Sullivan analysis. The report was observed by different agencies and this report estimates that by 2026 the market will grow very easily and will gain a lot of profit. The revenue generated by European telehealth is around $17.35 billion and the figure is a variable amount. There are lots of factors why this happened and one of them is a good collaboration, lots of innovative business models powering the telehealth market in Europe and the impact of Covid-19 on the healthcare sector has been found major. Lots of industries are gaining profit out of it and some are drowning very rapidly. Telehealth is a very necessary innovation amid pandemics as it is a contagious disease and people avoid going out of their house to get infected.

Telehealth is considered as the critical piece of the whenever and anyplace medical care model because of the Covid-19 pandemic. It has assumed a significant part and a successful route in guaranteeing admittance to fundamental and most required medical care administrations for patients since patients need a pertinent answer for their concerns. This telehealth is needed for those individuals who require pressing consideration during the pandemic.

This has consequently resulted in a large surge in Europe's telehealth market, which will require business model revision across the telehealth ecosystem. By 2026, the market is estimated to witness more than a four-and-a-half-fold growth, garnering €17.35 billion ($20.7bn) revenue from €3.69 billion ($4.41bn) in 2019. The report stated the current growth opportunities for the telehealth market. Partner with focused solutions providers and pharma companies to offer digital therapeutic solutions. RPM for real-world evidence collection standardizes data collected through RPM devices and mobile apps that record patient-reported outcomes. Doctor-to-doctor communication, doctor-patient communication, information exchange, and integration with electronic medical records (EMRs) are expected to be game-changers.