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Being Active Reduces Risk of Prostate Cancer:

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  • Apr 27, 2021

In the U.K., it is affirmed that prostate cancer is more common in men. Generally, men take more stress compared to females; however, this cannot be the only cause, there might be other factors that cause this disease. According to various studies, prostate cancer is becoming one of the main causes of an increasing number of deaths. Also, a more comprehensive level study used genetics as a measurement and look at the reasons for deaths due to prostate cancer. It was found that people who are physically active and perform routine exercise are safe from prostate cancer as the rate of having cancer reduces.

People are quite conscious nowadays concerning their health and are adopting healthy habits. According to a study, out of 1,40,000 people, 80,000 had prostate cancer and their chances to recover fully are very low. This study was led by multiple universities and it was only possible because of the efforts of experts and scientists. The University of Bristol, co-founded by the World Cancer Research Fund U.K., conducted a study and it was established that people have different variations of DNA sequence and as these DNA sequences are visible, it can be proved that whether an individual has an active nature or not. Active people are 15% less prone to get prostate cancer.

Overall, physical activeness is one of the key factors to improve health and if you do it regularly you will be free from every disease. Though there are other ways of preventing prostate cancer, to date, there has been little evidence of ways to reduce the risk of prostate cancer other than maintaining a healthy weight or lifestyle.