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Belgian racing pigeon flies past record in auction

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  • Dec 01, 2020

Nikolas Gyselbrecht, founder of pipa, a Belgian auction house for racing pigeons, shows a two year old female pigeon named New kim, that will set a new world record price when an auction ends on Sunday November 15, 2020. In an auction on November 12 2020 in knesselare, Belgiumwhich is held online sets a whole new world record when a two year old Belgian racing pigeon called New kim set a world record of 1.6 million euros ($1.89 million). This is a very huge amount of auction and for the one of the highest species of today’s era. The offer of the pigeon had already hit 1.32 million euros in the past week, surprising the previous record of 1.252 million euros set in March 2019 for another Belgian pigeon, Armando. Then they reached even higher in frantic last 30 minutes of bidding on Sunday. The intensity and effort of this bidding is at very high magnitude and so very elite class people took part in it and showed their interest and took part in the auction. Low income people cannot afford this high end auction so auction takes overall time of 30 minutes and bidding was very fast and rapid.

These prices which are recorded are unexpected and unbelievablebecause this is a female and was in high demand. Armando was a male.Usually a male is worth more than a female because it can produce more offspring and increase the family reuterstelivion was told by Nikolas Gyselbrecht CEO of pipa. The homing pigeon have a very unique ability and can do the process of mapping in their mind so they are good traveler. Pigeon post is the use of homing pigeons to carry messages. Pigeons were effective as messengers due to their natural homing abilities. The pigeons were transported to a destination in cages, where they would be attached with messages, and then the pigeon would naturally fly back to its home where the recipient could read the message. They have been used in many places around the world. Pigeons have also been used to great effect in military situations, and are in this case referred to as a war pigeon.

The Romans used pigeon messengers to aid their military over 2000 years ago. Frontinus said that Julius Caesar used pigeons as messengers in his conquest of Gaul. The Greeks conveyed the names of the victors at the Olympic Games to their various cities by this means.

By the 12th century, messenger pigeons were used in Baghdad. Naval chaplain describes in his diary a regular pigeon postal service being used by merchants between İskenderun and Aleppo in the Levanthe. Mughals also used messenger pigeons. Before the telegraph, this method of communication was used extensively by stockbrokers and financiers. The Dutch government established a civil and military system in Java and Sumatra early in the 19th century, the birds being obtained from Baghdad. In 1851, the German-born Paul Julius Reuter opened an office in the City of London which transmitted stock market quotations between London and Paris via the new Calais to Dover cable. It is said that no other country than Belgium has a very enthusiasm of pigeon. It is a champion of league in Belgium and there are national competitions happen over time to time ‘so you have 20000 pigeons fancier in a very small country competing with each other on a very high level.