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Biopharma Corporation to Advance the Ultra-High Potency Ladr (Linker-Activated Drug Release) Oncology Drug Candidates

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  • Sep 11, 2019
Today, healthcare industry is more focused toward specialized medicines so that they can provide better treatment to the patients. Highly potency medicines are those which usually have high potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPI), which usually uses small molecules for the analysis of the diseases like cancer, respiratory disorders and hormonal imbalances. These medicines usually have slightest side effects as they particularly are designed to target one disease which is major factor that they are very useful for the patient to recover faster. These are very suitable to treat life threatening diseases. Today both manufacturers and developers are using new technologies and solutions for the development of new drugs which are very effective. Recently, CytRx Corporation announced the launch of their new subsidiary Centurion BioPharma Corporation which will mainly concentrate on advancing the ultra-high potency LADR (Linker-Activated Drug Release) oncology drug candidates. Its administrative office is located at Los Angeles, California. LADR-7, LADR-8, LADR-9, and LADR-10 are the LADR candidates which are matured by the discovery team at German laboratories and have the ability to progress into Investigational New Drug enabling studies. These new candidate are developed by using the company’s LADR Technology. It can also control the tumor site by molecularly bounding the drug compound to the body’s bloodstream. It can also decrease the toxicity of the system. This new platform is a combination of company’s linker chemistry with the albumin technology so that they can convey high potent agents to the tumors. According to Eric L. Curtis, Chief Executive Officer and President of Centurion BioPharma Corporation- The creation of this new subsidiary will be very useful as it will strengthen the CytRx’s pharmaceutical belongings and with advancement in the pipeline of albumin binding ultra-high potency LADR drug candidates they will be successful in attracting large number of licensees. Centurion Biopharma’s LADR technology is a portfolio of number of novel linker molecule which can circulate albumin and also have the ability to get linked with different anti- cancer payloads. The compounds have great antitumor activity in different tumor cancers like neck, ovarian, melanoma, renal cell, lung, and breast. The company wants to create new molecules by combining ultra-high potency cytotoxic payloads with tunable linkers.