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Biosafety and Health Hazard

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  • Dec 01, 2020

When there is a large scale loss of biological integrity it affects human health as well as ecological system to prevent this heavy loss there is a term which is biosafety, biosecurity and biocontainment. To prevent this loss there is an international effort to improve awareness of modern practices made by humans and concerns with regards to the safe pursuit of life science research and studies and to optimize current oversight frameworks. The discipline addressing the safe handling and containment of infectious disease. There are many safety parameters which are divided on levels, and these levels are primary levels and secondary levels containment. The immediate protections of workers are called primary level containment and it is to prevent the hazard as soon as possible. The barriers primary level includes biological safety cabinets, fume hoods, and engineering devices used by technicians working in laboratory and the work is done under biological hazard. Talking about the secondary containment it is intended to protect the laboratory worker, the community and the environment from unintended contamination with a biological hazard. There is architectural and mechanical design elements of a facility that prevent worker contamination and escape of pathogens.

There are different levels of pathogens

  1. BSL -1
  2. BSL-2
  3. BSL-3
  4. BSL-4

BSL-4 is the highest level of containment. To protect individual from harmful incidents biosafety is needed too much. Many laboratories handling bio hazard employ an ongoing risk management assessment and enforcement process for biosafety. As it is told in above piece of writing that bio safety has 4 levels and each level has a specific work to do and accordingly to the model and process we create to make a safe environment for consumers and shape a better world to intake fresh air and live. The control of each level controls containment of microbes and biological agents. The primary risk that determines level of containment is infectivity, severity of disease and the nature of the work conducted accordingly. There are few principles of bio safety and we have to keep in mind, laboratory biosafety practices are based on the principle of containment of biological agents to prevent exposure to laboratory workers and the outside environment. Since the waste of bio product is very much harmful so, different types of sectors are made for it like medical waste association which purely looks upon the waste is thrown or decomposed appropriately. There are many careless things which needs to take care while doing any experiment it should be keep in mind that there is not mistake because it can harm very badly.