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Blood Tests Can Detect Acute Liver Disease

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  • May 20, 2021

In the field of nanomedicine, chemists have been investigating different innovations which have been greatly helpful for individuals and industries. The investigation of nanoparticles had been started for many years. Gold nanoparticles have very good specifications which can be used to detect some serious disease that causes harmful effects in our body. Scientists found a technique that shows how these nanoparticles can play an important key role in a simple blood test and through these samples of blood test it can be developed to detect acute liver damage earlier than currently available methods. Few methods are highly used for detecting some serious diseases but they need a lot of tools and tests. The researchers are coming with potential techniques and it is done by a scientist from the University of Texas Dallas there are great chemists like Dr. Jie Zheng who is a very talented and a great scientist who has spent almost half of his life doing full-fledged research in the field of gold nanoparticles and how these particles do movement and what is the potential use of these particles. Due to their undying effort, the technique of detecting liver problems is very much acute and reliable. There may be some variations while detecting an acute liver problem.

This study was very much encouraged and highly accepted by the researchers because it involves techniques for advancing the future. It was also published online in the Journal Science Advances in which it is given a particular standard of experiments that are constantly expanding on corresponding author Zheng’s work. It has been previously demonstrated by the use of nanoparticles for targeted delivery of cancer drugs and it gives a better understanding of some diseases and specifically, it is kidney diseases. Kidney disease is very much expanding in today’s individual and healthcare centers are doing regular analysis of the health of an individual. The goal of this study is to catch the most preferred simple ways for a doctor to detect a liver injury because nowadays people want quick treatments. A better chance of recovery can be achieved if the disease can be detected earlier and if pre medicines can also be developed, then there is a better chance of surviving.