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Children’s health may be boosted by bed dust microorganism

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  • Feb 08, 2021

There is a deep study which suggests that the health of children can be improved by some microorganism. It may sound strange that how a microorganism can be helpful in the proper functioning of a body and how it impact the health of a child. But the study transparently gives a link between the microorganism living in the dust of children’s bed and the children’s own bacteria which they are carrying all the time and it will not even harm them. This correlation suggests that that there is a reduction of asthma and allergy in the children.

In collaboration with the Danish Pediatric Asthma Center at Herlev and Gentofte hospital the University of Copenhagen researchers recently found this amazing discovery in the field of medicals. This study is very unique and no one had ever researched about it because it is a very negligible process so no one has ever thought of it. It is the most extensive study of its own kind. You must not be knowing but our beds are teeming with microbial life and it is not possible to observe it with naked human eye. It is a very natural occurring phenomenon that how these microorganisms develops in our body at this very early age and this development cannot be seen because it is a slow process of nature and can be observed when you have an ample amount of time. The benefit of this is that we become so much resilient to various diseases and it cannot affect us in future if we encountered these microorganisms.

To know a brief demonstration of it, researchers did a practical practice to observe how these organisms entered in body and how they are doing it. The team analyzed bed dust samples from different beds of 577 infants before comparing them with respiratory samples from 542 children. The study was the largest study of its kind, and it was practiced to determine which environmental factor affect the composition of microorganism in the bed dust and the bacteria in the children airways. It was seen that there are two bacteria first are those bacteria which are find in the bed dust of children and the other was the microorganism which are found in the children itself and it is found that they are not the same bacteria. The discovery suggest that these two bacteria affect each other in may be some different way but yes it reacted with each other. The science behind it was already clear that a high diversity of microorganism in the home contributes to the development of a child’s resistance to a host of disease and allergies. The bacteria collects at a very particular place which is the center of the bed, and it includes many organisms like fungi, bacteria and many more. These organisms are self-made organism and it is not compulsory to have these and cannot be considered as the immunity booster. This is just a natural phenomenon.