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Climate Models and their Challenges:

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  • Apr 23, 2021

Climate change is becoming more dangerous because people are insensitive towards the environment. Every day, there are new inventions due to the constant effort of industries.  The climate model has some really good abilities such as it monitors the changes in the atmosphere which will, in turn, regulate the greenhouse effect. The gases present in the greenhouse eventually correspond to shifts in temperature. The model has various tools for positively changing climate sensitivity. Equilibrium climate sensitivity is one such tool that helps to measure the balance of climate by suggesting the level of heat required. It also maintains a balance of temperatures by representing the predicted warmth after a doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide CO2 levels. It is one of the key solutions to protect our environment as it enables us to keep an eye on climate change. If we see different climate models we will be able to see some drastic temperature changes.

A forecast of 1.5 degrees to 4.5 degrees Celsius is estimated due to the doubling of atmospheric co2 from the preindustrial climate. Many of the latest models are finding different statistics from different tools and since climate change varies from region to region, the demographic changes also vary. In few models, an excess of 5 degrees Celsius is also recorded which will have negative implications against our ability to overcome the heat that is being produced globally. We are all aware that global warming is on the rise and we have a long way to go to overcome this problem.

According to certain experts and their investigations using an ECS model,  trend of developing a climate change model will bring some positive changes in our environment.