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CMR Surgical Ltd to give parallel competition to Intuitive Surgical’s da Vinci with the launch of Versius

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  • Feb 18, 2020
Today, the robotic surgery market is dominated by the Intuitive Surgical’s da Vinci which is specially designed for gynecological, prostate and bladder surgery. With increasing number of surgical procedures worldwide, many prominent companies have also started launching their own surgical robots so they can offer better medical care and experiences to the patients worldwide. CMR Surgical Ltd announced the launch of their new portable robotic system Versius which is manufactured and designed in Cambridge. This new robot is more flexible & versatile than the existing robots in the market and also has the ability to perform different kinds of operations. According to Luke Hares, co- founder of CMR surgical this new robot have independent modular arms which is easy and quick to set up which means that hospitals can use them easily. These robots have flexible joints same as human which can easily be controlled by the surgeons with the help of the two joysticks and a 3D screen. This robotic system has the ability to offer better view to the surgeons and also helps the patient to get painless & faster recovery. With this new robot system one can teach suturing in just half an hour which previously used to take more than 80 hours. This helps the surgeons to offer the advantages of keyhole surgery to the patients. The main aim of the launch was to offer the patient with cost effective and minimal access surgery. With this new system, the patient will be able to get better treatment with less pain and low risk of infections & scarring.