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Decreased Global Warming Leads to Increased Life of Water Bodies:

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  • May 19, 2021

Global warming is a cause of many problems and these problems arise due to many factors. The increase in global warming is causing depletion of the ozone layer and lots of species are affecting because their habitat is disturbed. The habitats of freshwater fish species are threatened by global warming as a mass species might come in danger and hence it would unbalance the ecosystem. Global warming is causing a constant rise in temperature and hence the species of waterbodies may find it very difficult to live in that habitat. A 3.2-degree Celsius increase is recorded which is more than enough temperature rise. This temperature would threaten more than half of the habitat including one-third of all freshwater fish species. The fish species should be perfectly balanced because it can create underwater oxygen and hence the regulation of oxygen under the sea is properly maintained by the species which is very much helpful for ocean species. Our population is disturbing the water bodies rapidly which leads to increased water pollution.

Most studies have already mentioned the potential impacts of climate change on animal and plant species in rural systems. "However, ocean fish species have been extremely ignored, even though they present almost a quarter of the global known vertebrate diversity. This is the first study that analyzed the potential impact of climate change on almost 11,500 freshwater fish species throughout the world.

With a worldwide rise of 3.2 degrees Celsius, it is highly expected if there are no further extinction of species after the current government schemes are implemented for 2030. It has been seen that almost one-third of the freshwater species have been threatened by an extreme rise in water temperature or other natural harmful effects caused by water bodies. If global warming is limited to 2 degrees, 9% of the species would have more than half of their habitats at risk. If warming is limited to 1.5 degrees, the number of species at risk reduces to 4%. These figures show that species are very much at risk and they are in the urge of extinction if not cred properly. People throwing waste can also be a cause for making the life of fishes living underwater, risky.