COVID-19 Impact on Pharmaceutical Packaging in Chemicals and Materials Industry

Digital Telehealth - Savior During Pandemic:

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  • May 31, 2021

The deadly coronavirus has made everyone’s life miserable in terms of their imbalanced lifestyle, social life, and work life. Lots of people got jobless in the time and thus, had to face a lot of problems. In this tough time, many developers designers, and other professionals contributed to the pandemic very well. Lots of technology came forward to fight the pandemic. Many online interfaces were made to make things run smoothly. Goodwill NYNJ used a $436000 grant from the FCC to buy fully automated tablets and other technical devices which also included laptops and hotspots to enable caregivers to deliver care to those people who have low income and can’t afford a high-end treatment. Most of the things shut down like schools and offices. Students started learning from online classes and professionals switched to work from home. This was actively implemented in the two states. And this order to stay at home was put in place in March 2020 required New York City-based Goodwill NYNJ’s office to close. As a result staff members intended to figure out how to organize both the two PROs' personalized recovery-oriented services that can serve people with serious and persistent mental illness.

In the time of the pandemic, there is an early state in which people were suffering from lots of things and were living in fear of getting infected by each other and so they feared that their survival rate might reduce. The New York state made a great policy allowing providers to bill Medicaid for telehealth services. The telehealth services came out to be a relevant solution for the problem and most of the people who are not capable of accessing a proper healthcare solution were provided telehealth services. The proposal drafted by the company is to purchase laptops for staff because they had been using desktops in the office which are not mobile and purchased tablets for the individual according to their need in their PROS program. And in a result, it greatly impacts Goodwill NYNJ’s ability to meet the exact needs of its mental illness population. However, as it is being seen that the organization serves a vulnerable population with limited access to technology-related things it demanded a way through which people will be engaged in service and they should do it regularly.