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Drinking can lead to decline in your brain memory and you may suffer from memory loss

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  • Jan 27, 2021

It is a sure fact that whether you take alcohol on a very regular basis or on alternate days it will leave a great impact on your health and it will generally lead to lapse in memory. This include various symptoms like you may get difficulty in recalling recent events and what just happened before it may be possible that you won’t recognize the entire day or entire night because your memorizing receptors get destroy relevant to time. This is a long lasting problem and there is a particular term for it which is known as dementia. Since the medical science is achieving great heights and there is a cure to this problem but it is just a mental exercise procedure and doctors identified different and several ways which affects the brain and memory. People who are binge drinkers or have this disease which is known as Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). There was an analysis and a great study in which there is an appropriate data of individual who are regularly diagnosed with AUD, people experience changes to the brain will make them very narrow minded and they won’t able to process things very easily.

There is a term named blackout when they drink a lot of alcohol according to their own capacity of in taking the alcohol and after that they don’t remember a single moment of that time. This started to be seen from small symptoms like when some individual put their keys at a particular place and after that he is unable to recognize where they put it. This is called the initial stage of long term memory loss.

There are n number of people out there who are suffering from this short term memory loss. In the University of Exeter, studies of 88 social drinkers were given a task of word learning. Participants were then split into two groups and then they were asked to drink as much as they like. And the next day the process continues the results are really amazing. It shows the people who drink less are more efficient in learning. They remember almost all of the word which was given to them. After the report it is observed that people who drank less did better and they are able to memorize the word game, it also suggest that people who drank more can be able to remember the words. It suggests that there are some good sign of drinking as well. It is not a very frequent process and it eventually activates your neuro cell at times. The theory is known as the hippocampus which means the brain area is really important in memory switches to consolidating memories transferring from short term memory to long term memory. Drinking is not a good habit and it should not be practice regularly. The mental peace is one important thing that every individual need in its life and they want to live a healthy and amazing lifestyle.