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Electric Cars as a Substitute for Fuel Cars:

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  • Jul 26, 2021

The sales of fossil fuels need to be reduced so as to maintain a better shape of our future. There are many disadvantages due to excess burning of fossil fuels. According to a new study, it has been observed that if fossil fuels get banned, it might help our climate to be in a better situation. Additionally, if we focus on bringing electric cars as a replacement for car running on petrol and diesel, there would be a great reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in the environment. Carbon dioxide emission is one of the major problems which is caused by the automotive industries. It harms the ozone layer and results in bad AQI (air quality index). The disturbance in climate can bring a lot of harm to human race. The increased production rate of battery and electric cars has been helpful for current market scenario. This rapid increase can help multiple sectors to grow at a good CAGR rate.

Though changing the market scenario from petrol to electric cars would take around 20 something years due to the lifespan of fuel cars currently running on road, as said by  Johannes Morfeldt, researcher in Physical Resource Theory at the TU Chalmers and first author of the recently published scientific study. In order to achieve the desired effect, a ban should be introduced at the earliest, that is, by 2025, or, if the ban does not get implemented until 2030, the use of biofuels should be introduced. According to the revised Swedish reduction obligation, the number of fuel cars would have increased significantly by then. The combination of these two measures would lead to zero car emissions and the climate targets will be met.

The results of our study show that a rapid electrification of the Swedish car fleet would reduce life cycle emissions from 14 million tons of carbon dioxide in 2020 to 3-5 million tons by 2045, which emission reduction potentials can be achieved in production. The switch from gasoline and diesel cars to electric cars will mean an increased need for batteries. Though, the electric cars are often criticized, especially because they lead to high greenhouse gas emissions during manufacture.