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Electronic Skin is Wearable Cheap and Recyclable

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  • Dec 07, 2020

Universities are now working on a great invention of all time by developing a wearable electronic device that will be a game changer future invention that will solve many problems. Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder are developing a wearable electronic device that’s really wearable – a stretchy and fully recyclable circuit board that gets attached to human skin and looks like a real skin, human skin. The team is led by Jianliang Xiao and Wei Zhang. Electronic skin is a device which is discovered by this team and has the ability to heal itself very much like real skin. There are many advance techniques and unimaginable feature in this device. It performs a range of sensory tasks, from measuring the body temperature of users to tracking their daily step counts very much similar to fit band coming these days, through its sensor abilities one can know the exact location who is wearing this electronic skin and get themselves help in case of any emergency. It is reconfigurable that means this device is shaped so much advance and flexible that it can be shaped to fit anywhere on your body and it is also adjustable to any position.

If you want to wear it in a very fashionable way you can wear it around wrist it is said by the team of creators. If you want to wear it like a necklace, you can put it on your neck and you can also gift it to someone who is very much close to you. The team believes and is hoping that their creation will help to re imagine what wearable devices are capable of and what kind of advance technology it holds. The group said that, one day such high tech skin could allow people to collect appropriate data about their health and bodies all while cutting down on the world’s surging quantities of electronic waste. If you look at smart watches they are functionally nice, but there always a big chunk of metal on a band said by the team. If we want a truly wearable device, ideally it will be a thin film that can comfortably fit on your body. A new electronic skin device can stretch by 60% in any direction without losing any functionality. An advance science technology is used like screen printing to create a network of liquid metal wires. They then sandwich those circuits in between two thin films made out of a highly flexible and self-healing material called polymine. The resulting device is a little thicker than a Band-Aid and can be applied to skin with heat. It can also stretch by 60% in any direction without disrupting the electronics inside. It’s really stretchy, which enables a lot of possibilities that wasn’t an option before. The invention of this high end devices are now driving technology to another level with full fledge functioning of devices. If you slice a patch of electronic skin, all you have to do is pinch the broken areas together the polymine material will begin to reform. Within 13 minutes, the damage will be almost entirely undetectable. If you dunk one of these patches into a recycling solution, the polymine will depolymerize or breaks into small components of molecule and it will be difficult to gather them one more time. While the electronic components sink to the bottom layer. Both the electronics and stretchy material can then be reused and we can again do the process to get better results.