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Extinction of Sea Ice:

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  • Dec 01, 2020

Global warming and CO2 emission causing a lot of problem in every industry and most importantly in environment. Basically, sea ice is frozen seawater that floats time to time on surface of huge water bodies. The formation of this huge frozen seawater is seen in both Arctic and Antarctic in every rotating hemisphere of winter. There is a huge bunch of frozen ice reported in time of winter. It retreats in summer but it doesn’t completely disappear because the magnitude is so high. There are few pros and cons in this process of formation. It largely influences the life of Polar Regions, it disturbs the water level of ocean, and there is a slight change in weather conditions also.It highly disturbs the cycle of evaporation and the regional climate. Home of many animals get destroyed because they are the creation which depends on the cool area and their surface is frozen ice and when it is on the urge of extinction.

The ocean surface is form by the ice crystals; they expel salt which increases the salinity of underlying water in surface of the ocean deep down. The dense water that is present on the surface is very cold that it can sink to the ocean floor where it flows back towards the equator. The sea ice layer also restricts wind and wave action near coastline.The insulating cap is created across the body of sea or ocean surface which decreases evaporation and shows a disturbance in the eco cycle and it also results in heat loss in the atmosphere at a very high rate. The weather over iced area tends to be colder and drier than it would be without ice dryness has created the gap of frequent regulations of cycle in stimulating manner.

In polar ecosystem sea ice plays an important role, when the ice melts in an ecosystem in the time of summer it releases maximum nutrients into water enabling the growth of phytoplankton, which is the center of the marine food web in Antarctic as well as arctic regions. As ice melts it exposes ocean water to sunlight which triggers the rate of photosynthesis. The process of sinking ice water is also because of the content of salt mixed ice. The ice itself is habitat of many sea creatures like seal arctic foxes, polar bears, and penguins so the amount of oxygen present in the other regions gets decrease when the frozen ice melts and causing lack of energy and enabling the disturbance in photosynthesis process.

When sea water begins to freeze it forms small crystal like structure which are known as frazil. It depends on the nature of sea that whether it is calm or rough so according to that these crystals lose their binding characters. In calm sea, crystal form thin sheets of ice which are known as Nilas. As water temperature rise in summer times near the region of poles some ice melts, however some is not, which creates a difference in geographical area and is harming the mapping of world area. Ocean water bodies are so much full of surprises and enthusiasm that every new species is found on a very immediate interval of time. The observations are dangerous as the temperature rises every time it creates a danger each time for future environment. The present species are the pure culture of our world and we are so much dependent on them as they are also depends on us. For a better world we should consider this as a very big issue and throw some light on it.