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FIFA under 17 women world cup to be hosted by India in 2022 and canceled its 2020 slot

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  • Dec 12, 2020

The decision deals a blow to the Indian team that had been prepared as they won’t meet the age eligibility for the 2022 edition. FIFA which is governed internationally is a great settlement for huge fans of football lover. FIFA announced cancellation omen youth tournaments for 2020, awarding the hosting rights of 2022 editions to those nations. It simply means India will now host the 2022 FIFA U-17 women’s world cup. The decision was taken by the Bureau of the FIFA Council which took stock of the current global COVID-19 pandemic and its continuing impact on football.

The FIFA cancelled both the women's U-17 World Cup and U-20 World Cup which were scheduled to be held in India and Costa Rica respectively but handed both the countries the hosting right of the 2022 editions with the inability to further postpone these tournaments, the FIFA-confederation COVID-19 working group subsequently recommended that the 2020 editions of the two women's youth tournaments be cancelled and that the hosting rights for the 2022 editions be offered to the countries that were due to host the 2020 editions, the FIFA said in a statement. Talking in general women sport is growing very rapidly and women are taking equal participation as compared to men in every sport.

Women are now becoming the front facing leader in sports and becoming motivation for many youth girl. Football is a sport which is not popular very much in women but now it is being played by many youth girls and now it is also played by girls from India and they are getting proper knowledge of football and FIFA is always been a motivation for Indian girls who play football and want to see themselves in this sport only. FIFA cancelled both the women’s U-17 world cup and U-20 world cup which were scheduled to be held in India and Costa Rica respectively but handed both the countries the hosting rights of the 2020 edition. There is a lot of management which has to be observed by the board in the time of matches and due to coronavirus pandemic it is cancelled this year. But in 2022,it will be happening with the same grace, enthusiasm and joy of celebration and players and countries will participate. It has a lot of demerits and advantages that player will get more time to train and on the other hand many players may leave the team because it may be their last chance to play or else they will get in retirement group. Due to global health crisis all over the globe the confederations of Africa, north and Central America and South America are yet to hold their qualifying tournaments. European countries cancel their qualifying tournaments last month and nominated Spain, England and Germany its highest ranked team.