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Genetic engineering without unwanted side effects helps fight parasites

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  • Jan 27, 2021

According to a study it is observed that the major population carries a harmful parasite and we are not aware of this. It is called as Toxoplasma Gondii and it is said that it infects very badly if it spreads very fast so people should aware of this and it makes human being very week and puts people with a weaken immune system and so they are not able to live a healthy lifestyle. These parasite constantly attacking on the human body and hence there is not any cure to protect it. There is always a risk of health issues and it can trigger malfunctions in womb. In agriculture area, it is also very harmful and it destroys most of the plants and makes them lack of nutrients and their desired ingredients. There is always a risk of abortion in sheep because of it. The parasite is very harmful and it almost hit very rapidly and scientists are still trying to find a relevant cure for it.

Talking about the parasite it is said that it carries a heavy destruction with it and can do the destruction in life of many individuals. Talking about the lifecycle, it is very much common and complex in nature and very difficult to understand this. So it causes a problem in predicting when and what type of problem it will bring. It infests virtually all warm blooded creatures, including wild rodents and birds. It is introduced into livestock, and thus it can be seen into human as well. These strains can also be seen in an animal and most preferably in cats as well. Only in this main host infectious stages form that are shed with the feces into the environment as encapsulated oocysts and from there is entered into food chain.

We can easily reduce the occurrence of toxoplasmosis among human and animals but for that we need to get success in preventing the production of this oocyst. It is said by a researcher Adrian Hehl who is a professor of parasitology and vice dean of Research and Academic Career Development at the university of Zurich. It is a successful attempt from him and his team who have developed different varieties of method making an intervention of this sort possible. In earlier research it is already found the genes that are possible for the formation of oocyst. If it is not controlled then it will double its size in a specific time and this chain of reaction will further keep going and it will be very difficult to stop it. Since this whole function was very challenging so they came with an advantage that helps them to develop a live vaccine for toxoplasmosis.  The researcher can use the CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing scissors to switch off these essentials genes and infect or inoculate cats with the modified parasites.