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Global Extinction of Wildlife and Some Facts

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  • Dec 12, 2020

Our culture and diversity is purely depend on our habitat, species and culture but now there is a risk of extinction of these species at a very rapid rate and we are ignoring it like it is not a matter of concern. The place we live is made by environment and for a better place it is made by culture; we are so much busy in our own life that we forget to take care of other species and to find a relevant solution for them to protect it from extinction because they are at the urge of extinction. Talking about some mind disturbing and shameful facts more than one million species are now at risk of extinction. More than a million of species of animal and plants life are now threatened with dying out more than ever before in human history, Accordingly the reserve are working all day long and night to save these species, there are many reason that they are on the urge of extinction is urbanization.

Since it is a world of growing technologies and modernization many big industries want more and more land to enlarge their net worth so for that they need to buy huge amount of land to construct their offices and machineries. Wildlife population since 1970 size dropped by two thirds, there has been an average 68% drop in global population sizes of amphibians, birds fish mammal and reptiles between 1970 and 2018. There is the biggest decline in tropical sub regions of Americas, this study shows a falling number of wildlife population at 94% from last 50 years from 1970 this is the largest fall observed from previous years and it will go on. There may be much cause of dying species and they are dying very frequently, a study shows that species are dying 1000 times more frequently today than during the 60 million years before the arrival of humans there is an urgency to conserve what is left

Talking about wildlife species they are also declining because people do care about themselves they don’t value the life of other species to maintain an eco system people should not to pollute the water of earth, there are many reasons why they do so? one of the reason is their human behavior many things depend upon their human behavior, some humans are soft hearted while others are not. Some of them are animal lover while others use to cook them and humiliate them as they don’t belong to this planet or they don’t deserve to live. Swathes of tropical lost to agriculture. Some 100 million hectares of tropical forest were lost between 1980 and 2000. According to a well observed and highly researched report of species and extinction of creatures told that this was largely down to cattle ranching in Latin America and plant nation in South East Asia researchers added. The question arises why Biodiversity is important? The loss of habitats and species pose as much of a threat to life on earth as a climate. For diversity is not only a vital for a flourishing natural world. Its deterioration also threatens the livelihood. Consumers can make a difference by doing little changes in their lifestyle for example: they can eat less meat and making more sustainable food choices, as farming animals uses a lot of land and water because this an essential need for survival in this tough time of their extinction and it also maintains the life cycle by consuming these resources. Natural resources are like home for them because they are not supposed to live and they will not survive the shelters made by humans. Meanwhile farmers can be supported to reduce the use of fertilizers and pesticides diversify crops and phase out ploughing to lessen the environmental impact, the land loses its nutrients when there is excess use of fertilizers and pesticides because at some point it is necessary but on the other hand it dangers the habitat for many wildlife animals, the factory waste is also a great problem for aquatic life and it may get full of poison and loses the content of oxygen in it which results in extinction of aquatic life very soon. We have to find a better solution and it is all in our hand now whether we destroy it or save it.