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Global market Capitalization crosses $100 trillion for the first time, India only 2.4% of it

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  • Jan 29, 2021

By multiplying the shares price with number of shares we can get the desired amount of market capitalization. The value of market capitalization is always a high value number depends on the market, that how the market is going to turn and if it is in favor or against. Since there is a unique nature of stocks market it is very much outstanding and highly bought and sold in public because it can make you very rich within a second and it can also pull you down to dirt. For the first time in history it is recorded that if you calculate the whole amount the value of live stock is calculated to cross $100.5 trillion mark for the first time and it is very huge. Capitalization could be used as an indicator of public opinion of a company’s net worth and is a determining factor in some forms of stock valuation.

However, stock markets are becoming a unit of comparatively new development. They haven’t continuously competed a very important role in international economic science. Today, I’m getting to share the history of the market securities and make a case for why stock markets became the driving economic force they're these days. Global market cap reached the milestone because of the V shaped recovery of almost 63% from the March and it helped global market to achieve great height. And so it reached the milestone that was desired.  A fall has been recorded in the number and so it has fallen to $61.6 trillion and it was very huge. Market had to face a lot of problem and it experience heavy collapse in business and the international relationship was heavily disturbed due to this.

But it is also seen that there is a sudden raise in it as it rises from 15.5% in the year so far from $87 trillion dollar in the year of 2019. There may be many reasons why it happened but this was some good figures. The most dominating stocks came from the US a large part of this rally was led by tech stocks because tech stocks are placing another level on market as most of the audience depends on it and find it very easy and so the assets of tech rose up. The US tech giant known as FAANGM (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Google, Netflix and Microsoft). At the end of trading of last week the US had a very huge market capitalization of $41.6 trillion while china with $10.7 trillion whereas India recorded to be a market capitalization of about Rs180 lakh crore or you can say $2.4 trillion and it ranked 10th on the list.