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Global Warming Might Cause Snow Crisis:

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  • Jun 15, 2021

It is being observed that the snow-covered areas where the alps are found is melting at a rate faster than expected and it is happening three days earlier per decade since the 1960s. Our globe is encountering some changes which can be harmful to the current situation as well as hazardous for people and plants present in our ecosystem. The process of melting takes place in other parts of the world due to many reasons and one of those reasons is temperature variation. The temperature rise is observed every year and even a little change can cause harm that can last for decades. Thus, these changes need to be encountered and took care of with all the efforts. This trend of increasing temperature cannot be compensated with heavier snowfall as if there is excess snowfall it will just increase the magnitude of snow and there will be no decrease in the temperature. According to a calculated data, it is being seen that by the end of the century, snow will entirely cover 2500 meters and could disappear a month earlier than today.

Most of the scientist who are very much expert in the environmental study and have the ability to know the forecast and trends which are actively seen in the environment said that, this process of increasing temperature must be stopped. These experts belong to the university of Basel demonstrate. Global warming is a huge risk and people are not aware of the consequences that rise from it. Global warming demands a lot of adjustment in particular fields like tourism, hydropower generation, and agriculture in alpine areas. By the end of the century, continuous snow cover for 30 days below 1600 meters is expected to be a rare occurrence. Snow cover protects alpine plants from frost and the growing season begins after the snow melting.

In alpine areas, there are lots of things which are difficult to perform like agriculture since the temperature is very low so there are only a few things that can be done in that environment with a particular temperature. But the flora and fauna also have to adapt to rising temperatures because if they don’t do it they will not grow and hence there have been lot of disturbance in the ecosystem due to temperature rise.