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Heart disease may reduce if you replace red meat with plant

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  • Jan 29, 2021

Some people go by taste and some go by health. It depends on you what you choose taste over health or vice versa. A study suggested that there is less risk of health when red meat is replaced with high quality plant foods such as beans, nuts or soy because it contains some ingredients which is not present in the red meat and it is very much healthy. Coronary heart disease (CHD) is a very specific disease of heart in which there are coronary arteries gets disturbed when there is a high blood pressure, eventually the arteries gets narrowed which provide a less surface area to flow blood and so the lack of blood cause lack of oxygen supply in heart and brain which dysfunctions all the organs slowly.

To reduce the risk of health, red meat should be replaced with nuts, beans and other things which consist of high amount vitamins, minerals, nutrients and other healthy foods.  It is shown in the studies that inconsistent results often fail to compare red meat with similar protein and energy sources. This is a major problem and to address this problem and how CHD is spreading across different regions and in different people and what is the sudden cure for it. It is totally depend upon the food pattern that we intake every day or lack of exercise, so it got difficult to make medicine for the problem. These are the finding from the analysis data and there were participants around 43,272 number of men from the health professional follow up the same study who were not having any kind of heart disease and they are also free from cardiovascular disease and cancer when they are found. The questionnaire was made and was filled up with all the correct details from those men and this was started in 1986 and after every four year thereafter, according to the researcher the data is recovered after few year of analysis that how they are living their life and if they are suffering from any disease or not.

A good physical health is very important these days. It is helpful in making good digestion of an individual as well as the life of that individual will also increase. The calories that we burn on daily basis needs to be recovered as well so that proper functioning of health is maintained and regulated. The grain we intake is very much rich in protein and it can be easily digested.