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Higher Screen Time Can Change Visual Perception:

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  • Jul 02, 2021

Amid Coronavirus, we are leading a new normal lifestyle. It is undoubtedly true that most of the individuals have shifted their interactions from offline to online and hence the screen time of individuals has gradually increased.  This makes human mentally ill and even their eyes might experience harm due to it. Now zoom video calls have replaced in-person classes, online events, conferences, work meetings and other things. So we basically focus on a screen for a long time and hence we keep analyzing things as they are present over a screen. The question is if that screen time damages our vision and we won’t be able to see properly in future. The answer is maybe or maybe not. According to a new research, analyzed by great scientists and highly experts SME’s, it turns out that our visual perception has become highly adaptable and we are used to it. When it is compared to real life scenes we keep assuming how will it look on a screen and if the textures and color will be same or not.

This research was properly studied by researchers from psychology professor and cognitive and brain sciences coordinator, Peter Gerhardstein’s lab situated at Bringhamtom University. Our perception is very much dependent on how we think about a particular thing and what our views on it are. There are chances that what we see on a screen is not necessarily true but yes we perceive it as the truth. We can develop serious and harmful medical issues if we do not reduce our screen time as our mental health should remain our utmost priority. The research focuses on a basic element of vision: our perception of orientation in the environment.