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Honda Says It Will Be First To Mass Produce Level 3 Autonomous Cars

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  • Dec 01, 2020

In November 2020, it is said by Honda that they will produce level 3 autonomous cars in a mass production. It will be the first automaker to mass produce sensor packed level 3 autonomous cars that will allow drivers to let their vehicles navigate congested expressway traffic. The future of automobiles is growing very fast every new day comes with new technologies that is not ever seen and talking about this automated functioning production of car it will hit the market that no one touches it yet. Honda is planning to launch sales of a Honda Legend (luxury sedan) equipped with newly approved automated driving experiment before the end of the march 2021. It is said by Honda in a press release, the automatic driver experience is very useful as well as harmful also because the decisions taken by human is also necessary but now automated driving is necessary in the fast run of vehicles and ecosystem. There are many benefits of automated driving because it can save time and in that time you can do your personal work and it also take decision on the basis of algorithms and logics knowing all the rules of roads and regulation of it.

The environment is getting so much harmful these days and co2 emission is rising at a very fast speed and polluting the world in which we are living, many other reasons are also there that our environment is getting worse day by day. The race to build self driving cars is a key technology battleground for automakers, with technology companies such as Google parent Alphabet Inc also investing billions of dollars in field expected to boost car sales. Since the tech giants have a lot of resources which can be helpful in the advancement of technology and they have skilled workers who worked before in making of an automated self driven technology in a car. Japan governments earlier in the day awarded a safety certification to Honda autonomous Traffic Jam pilot driving technology, which legally allow drivers to take their eyes off the road , since the population is growing at a very rapid rate and hence more people will come on the roads and hence and a good system of traffic is needed. Coming up with the idea that a machine will monitor all the traffic just by a push of a button needs to be developed with the help of great capital and investors from different sectors and since many industries are now spending money on it.

There are six levels of autonomy from, 0 to 5 ranging from manual cars or those with simple functions such as cruise control to fully self driving vehicles that would not need any steering wheel to drive and whole space for brake and accelerated pedals, these manual pedals are to be coordinated with each other accordingly. The public demand is of level 2 cars nowadays which are running on public roads these days it has an ability to control their own speed and steering but must have an alert driver able to take control and monitor all the time because there are chances of over speeding and accident. Honda is now going to be a game changer if this mass production of level 3 cars comes in assembly line and deliver the desired cars to customer. The future of automated cars is high because these are people who totally depend and leave the decision on machines and their decision taking ability is not very strong so they need a support or backup to drive car at times.