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How primordial black holes were formed and the emergence of dark matter

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  • Jan 27, 2021

Firstly let us know what is a black hole? Black hole is a particular area in space where gravitational pull is very high. It is so high that the light can also not comes out of it. In a very simple language a dying star can be considered as black hole. There is zero visibility in the space because light is not available. There are special tools through which we can identify the placement of black holes, these space can be very tiny but contains a lot of mass which is approximately compared to the amount of mass in a mountain. Astronomer are studying black holes that could have formed very early when the universe was made, it is said that it is presented before the stars and galaxies were born. These primordial black holes are counted as the dark matter which is present in multiverse, it is also responsible for some of the wave signals which are affected by gravitational force. A neutron rich material is released when they collide with neutron stars and destroy them heavily.

This is very much interesting when you get to know there is an exciting possibility that the mysterious dark matter is considered as all the matter present in universe, and which is primarily composed of primordial black holes. In physics the noble prize was awarded and it was awarded for the great discoveries of black hole they confirmed the existence of black hole and how life is going to achieve this great discoveries. They make a very appealing candidate for dark matter since the black hole are known to exist in nature.

 The future of astronomy is very bright and it may be possible that someday we will know from where we come and how this whole universe and multiverse was created. The international team of particle physicist, cosmologists and astronomers which also include Kavli IPMU members recently progress in fundamental theory, astrophysics and astronomical observations. There are many clues which proves the more study about primordial black holes. If you study deeply you will get some amazing and extraordinary clues from the old universe and it can be discover more analysis about PBHs. The early universe was so dense that any positive density fluctuation of more than 50% would create a large black hole. There is one exciting possibility is that the PBH could form from the origin of baby universe created during inflation, that is believed to be formed and seeding the structure of galaxies and universe that we see today and there can also be cluster of galaxies. There are lots of galaxies in our universe and so there are n numbers of things in the universe which is not discovered yet and it can be possible that many unexplored things can be discovered. Many countries are planning to launch space programs with high gadgets and it will be one more step towards the space programmes.