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How RNA Editing Acts In Favor of Immune System:

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  • May 19, 2021

Diseases are rapidly increasing globally and people are suffering a lot because of their deteriorating health. According to a survey it has been seen that most people go into depression when they are suffering from a long-lasting disease. Researchers have been able to collect data and through this data, they are ready to offer new insight into how the process of the immune system works and how the immune system is responsible for originating cancer in an individual, and how all this is related to each other. A new study and a published report look at how an enzyme called ADRA1 operates in pathways that are highly associated with cancer.

This whole research and study of activities reports, that action takes time. And this study was led by the University of Colorado's center researchers which are part of a team that recently published this report. In a cell, it has been observed that ADAR1 edits native RNA or self RNA so that the cell recognizes it as its own. Kieft says that it acts as a solution to a problem and will be key protection against autoimmune disorders as the triggering rate of autoimmune disorders is very high because it is unpredictable. These are the self-occurring process. But if a virus infects viral RNA isn’t edited by ADAR1 so the cell can easily find that and react accordingly to the situation. It activates immune responses to fight off that infection as the cell knows it has foreign RNA.

Last month it was published in their paper in the journal which is named Nature communications and there were many writers including parker Nicolas who is a graduate student in the structural Biology and biochemistry programs in the CU school of medicine who is in collaboration with the Kieft and Vogeli labs there was an observation which tells that specifically the ADAR1 consecutively binds to RNA to perform the editing process and other further processes. They knew from the starting that the domain of ADAR1 also known as Z alpha binds to a form of RNA which is known as Z-RNA but a shocking thing was also observed that ADAR1 can enable it to bind to other RNA forms as well.