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Human Body Could Charge Wearable Electronic Gadgets in Future

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  • Aug 19, 2021

Technology is rapidly growing, and there are always new possibilities for technology. Every day people are creating something new so that it would reduce the difficulties and problems present in our daily life. The manufacturing and production of wearables technology products are increasing day by day, and so the utilization of power is also increasing very rapidly. This article tells about how researchers have come up with a way to use one single device that offers instant charging to all the wearables devices on a user's body. This is a unique method that uses the human body as a medium for transmitting energy.. One of the main highlights of this technology is that the system has the ability to harvest unused energy from electronics which are typically present at home or office environment, which in turn used to maintain the power supply of the wearables.

A major problem faced with the users of these portable devices is the problem of properly and conveniently powering these devices. As the number of portable devices used increases, the overall need to charge multiple batteries increases, which consumes enormous amounts of electricity. It is a hassle to charge a large number of devices every day, and dead batteries cause unpleasant business interruptions. Singapore (NUS) has developed a solution to these problems. Its technology enables a single device, such as a cell phone, that is in a pocket, to wirelessly power other portable devices on a user's body using the human body as a source of energy. This achievement was first published in Nature Electronics magazine on June 10, 2021, and is the first of its kind to establish itself in the existing literature on portable electronic devices.