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Hypnosis, A Way To Manipulate The Mind:

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  • May 31, 2021

The process in our brain is complex and during hypnosis, it is found that some functions are altered in our brain. A new study successfully showcased it and they were able to show the way that our brain process information is fundamental and the process of hypnosis enhances it. The hypnosis produced and makes changes in a hypnotized person’s behavior and the experiences are subjective and show fluctuations as per the patient’s condition. Our brain adapts to time and when a person is experiencing a normal, waking state then the whole information is processed. This information is shared by various parts within our brains and the information is very fast in motion. When this information reaches a particular level in our brain, it automatically enables some flexible responses to external stimuli. Researchers from Turku, which is located in Finland, found out that during the process of hypnosis the brain automatically shifted to a particular state where the brain of an individual acted more independently of each other.

The findings were very unique and it shows that the brain may functions quite differently during a different state of mind, such as, when it is in the normal waking state then there are lots of variations. This is very much interesting because there is an extent of a particular thing and it is a hot debate because there are lots of possibilities. The new findings also help to better understand which type of changes, disturbances, and different types of mechanisms may explain the experiential and behavioral alteration attributed to hypnosis such as liability to the suggestions and how the suggestions help this.

The study was focused on a framework of a single person who has been extensively studied earlier and has been shown to highly react strongly to hypnotic suggestion. During hypnosis, there are chances that a person may not feel good or his brain doesn’t process things very easily. During hypnosis, our brain comes to a stage where there is some phenomenon that is not typically possible in a walking state and these phenomena include hallucinations that are highly controlled and vivid.