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India believes more women in peacekeeping means more effective peacekeeping

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  • Jan 27, 2021

India is attempting to increase the numbers of women in the government position and also in the high profile jobs. Most of the countries are planning to increase the quantity of women peacekeepers to the United Nations and to meeting the targets during this regard inside the required timelines. Speaking on the agenda "Future of women in Peacekeeping" at the International conference on women peace and security, MEA Mister Swarup aforesaid that  countries  actually believes that additional number of women in peacekeeping suggests that more practical peacekeeping is required and they may also maintain the functioning of any organization. MEA Secretary Vikas Swarup said this while delivering a keynote speech at an international event organized by the United Nations and Vietnam.
As we have a tendency to recognize from expertise, women suffer the foremost in any conflict state of affairs. Women peacekeepers have bigger access to societies and communities, facilitate within the protection of the foremost vulnerable, and encourage alternative women to play a purposeful half in peace and political processes. 

If you see today’s era there are lot of changes happening inside the industries and now government is planning to implement more women in the office and also in the government organization. In this era of new technologies and smart hands, number of women should be increased. Women do have the potential of gaining a great position in the industry, according to a report the numbers of women in the field of human resource are more than men and if you talk about numbers the ratio is about 70% women and rest 30% are men according to the year 2020. There is a myth in the public and they have this wrong perception about women that they can only be good in kitchen and can only cook good food but in the 21st century it is changing and now women are acquiring great positions in the business. Women are also taking part as a good leader in policy making because the angle of thinking and the point of view is different according to them and which is very much helpful for the government to take highly important decisions.  When it is seen globally women are peacekeeper because they don’t believe in violence and war and it doesn’t mean they are weak. They have best skills and the effort to take down any critical situations. They have this whole lot of responsibilities that they need to manage their families and do the job. For example If a women is a reporting manger in any company she has to take care of the dishes in night and the next morning she has to move to her office and also make breakfast for the whole so, it shows that the managing skill is inbuilt within them. Women are having a dimensional mind so that they can deliver different solutions to the problem and that will be very useful. In group discussion women has a very valid points which will make a country grow very easily and everyone listens to them.