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Indian Railway proposes double decker train coach to run at 160kmph

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  • Dec 14, 2020

The double decker train will be operating on all India’s busiest routes. It has a capacity to carry up to 120 passengers while the upper deck alone can seat up to 50 people. On Thursday it is a great statement and proposal by Indian railways that they rolled out brand new high speed double decker coach that can run at a maximum speed of up to 160kmph and it will be a game changer in the railway and people will travel more frequently and efficiently. The new coach developed by the Railway Rail Coach factory, kapurthala has the ability to carry more passenger in the single train journey and in the shortest possible time.

As we know the population of India has a very high magnitude and most of the people choose railways as their mode of transportation. The network of railways is very much spread all over the country that if you want to move from one city to another you can rely on railways. People from different sectors use railways for their desired purpose. The railway is very much cost efficient and can be affordable by most of the community. India has a vast variety of cultures and community and most of the families belong to the middle class people. Talking about some key features of the coach it is very advanced and can sustain a lot of people, The middle deck of the coach on the rear end has 16 seats on the one side and six seats on the other end the structure is designed so well that no space is left unused. The double decker coach with 160 kmph speed potential was rolled out today in presence of RCF’s general manager Ravinder Gupta and coach will now be sent to Research and design standard organization for further oscillation trials before putting in commercial service.

The future of Railway is very bright as many engineers come forward with all their knowledge and experience to design something new creative and which can be beneficial in business and also benefits the government, from past few years railways face a heavy loss in terms of transaction of money because people don’t buy tickets to travel and there are many reasons. There are some key features which everyone should know. The coach has optimized aisle width for a comfortable journey, plus, interiors, overhead luggage rack which passengers can use to put their luggage in a safe place, mobile and laptop charging sockets many individuals are so bounded with time so keeping this in mind they find the solution of problem and you can charge your laptop and phone while traveling so that you don’t miss any important meeting of your office or missed an important call. A GPS based passenger information system and LED destination board among other passenger centric feature is installed in the coach which eases the traveling of passengers who confuses with their drop location and keep asking other passengers what is the next stop, to navigate them very easily this function helps them to know their exact location and after what time they will reach their desired destination. The pop up notification will appear prior to your destination.