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Injection or NIR Laser as a Drug Delivery System?:

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  • May 25, 2021

Sometimes people have a strong fear of needles and to overcome this fear problem, researchers have invented a unique and smart way for delivering a drug. It was discovered by the Pohang University of Science and Technology. Now researchers and a team of researchers have developed a near-infrared light-triggered drug delivery system. This new concept will make everything very easy and reduce the suffering of people. This system includes a new technique in which there is a very different functionality and the drug is released from in vivo medical devices simply by laser light on the skin. The shining light will inject the medicine properly as per the need. A team of researchers led by professor, Sei Kwang Hahn who belongs to the department of material science and engineering, and professor, Kilwon Cho who belongs from the department of chemical engineering at POSTECH have together developed an on-demand drug delivery system with the help of an organic photovoltaic cell coated with up-conversion nanoparticles. This brand new system is called DDS that allows nanoparticles to convert a potential penetrating.

The penetration process converts near-infrared light into visible light so that the rate of releasing the drug can be easily controlled. If it is uncontrolled then there are chances of developing cancer symptoms, other long-lasting diseases and could damage the internal organs. The research will bring a great change in the world of healthcare. Sometimes when people intake something extremely harmful to an individual they may have chances to suffer from a very harmful disease because technologies can make the situation worse as well. Nowadays we highly depend on technology and still, there can be malfunctioning in devices. So, the question is whether we can fully trust the machines when it comes to an individual’s health or if that machine can monitor the health of an individual without a fail.