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Jackfruit as A Meat Alternative:

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  • Jun 11, 2021

Meat consumption is high worldwide where humans are consuming meat in all their meals that is lunch, dinner, and breakfast. Though, people are trying to transform their lifestyle such as by going vegan or finding alternatives for meat. Jackfruit is considered a meat substitute. It is like a slice of meat for vegetarians that has a very good taste and globally it is accepted as very healthy, full of energy nutrients that can keep you the active whole day. According to the nutritionists, noticing the environmental impacts of consuming meat, producers and consumers are looking for different sources to highly address the continued demand for protein. Protein is very much important for the consumer because it is a very important source of energy. Many people don’t eat non-veg and then comes the factor of complexity where they feel complex when someone eats in front of them as some loved meat and some despise it.

So here comes, Dan Reiglar and he is one of those people whose evolving of the relationship with meat inspired him to co-found Karana. He was not into eating non-veg food all the time nor he likes it too much, talking very specifically he was very much of a vegan skeptic but situations have changed. Now, and he has suddenly taken a major turn which he believes will change his lifestyle.

Talking about Karana, it is a food start-up which has a very good position in the market and it is situated in Singapore as Asia’s first whole plant-based meat brand. Its flagship product is a pulled pork substitute that is made entirely from jackfruit, oil, and salt, without processed ingredients or preservatives. This startup was set up in 2018 when demand for meat alternatives was growing. Riegler said he saw a gap in the market for meat substitutes designed specifically for Asian cuisines. Also, he saw a huge need to identify products that had more local applications for APAC, and now being only 35 years old, he has built a career working in agricultural supply chains across Southeast Asia.