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Japan retrieves asteroid samples in hunt for origins of planets

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  • Jan 27, 2021

A capsule of asteroid dust has been retrieved and it is done by Japan. The space missions are very much important to know more about outer planets and the existence of life. The galaxy is so big that it has a huge number of planets that can’t be imagined. The number of sand grains on earth may be less than the planets in galaxies and it may be possible there is life too. This lunar space mission of 6 year that may help uncover more about the planets and the origin of it. It is a possibility that there may be existence of water, plant and other forms. The name of this Japanese mission is Hayabusa2, spotlights Asia’s growing role in space exploration with an advanced vehicle which will be of Chinese as china develops a lot of robotic machines and it will be running in outer space. The mission is very difficult and so the attempts should be taken very carefully. The probe landed on the asteroid twice and the strange thing is the second time it created an artificial carter.

In 2014, spacecraft was launched from Japan’s Tanegashima space centre and travelled 4 years to reach the asteroid and the spacecraft is named as Hayabusa2 and it will be collecting carbon samples which will be helpful in discovering life on earth. This will be done under proper functioning of channel and if this mission is successful we will be able to know the answers of some questions which will give a satisfaction to human race like how water came on earth and how these mountains are created and what will happen if it reacts with another asteroid from other galaxies. If there is other life in galaxy or not?

Spectators gathered near a theatre where the capsule was retrieved. This event was happened at the capital of Japan which is Tokyo. People showed their joy and happiness by clapping to for the successful event and waving banners in NHK. One woman had tears in her eyes which shows that how much she is happy for her country and for this mission. It is believed that the asteroids are formed at the dawn of the solar system and scientist already started to believe that the samples contain some amount of organic matter which gives a clear proof about the life on earth and it is been calculated that how much old the sample is so that it can be predictable for life. Scientist say the sample may contain few organic materials that could have completely contributed to life and earth and can give the answer of the origin and many unhidden questions of planet.