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Linode to Expatiate their Reach in India With their New Data Center

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  • Sep 11, 2019
Today, people are more into cloud computing services because they are cheaper as compared to the traditional data centers. Cloud computing is one of the largest forms of computer outsourcing services and many cloud providers are setting up their data centers so they can be used by their clients. Cloud providers understand the requirement of privacy & security among their customers and provide this cloud computing to the customers as a service or a utility. This utility helps the customer to get the service as per their needs and requirements and with on- demand distributed computing options they can keep track with the company’s changing needs. Many cloud computing companies are launching their own data centers these days so that they can help their clients with better services at a cost- effective range.  “Linode recently announced the launch of their new data center in Mumbai” This is the company’s tenth data center in the world and they invested around USD 5 million for this new data center and are planning to invest more so that they can strengthen them in the future. The company decided to launch their data center in Mumbai because they already have thousands of customers in India and now with this local presence they will be able to expand their customers. According to Ashwin Kumar, Director Data Center and Cloud Operations, ‘This launch will help them to provide low latency capabilities to customers who they were servicing out of Tokyo and Singapore. The founder and CEO of Linode, Christopher Aker said that they created Linode so that they can prioritize the cloud computing and increase its adoption among the people at an affordable range as compared. He also added that this launch will help the businesses and developer to create new innovations and developments. This new Linode Mumbai was developed using then company’s new Next Generation Network and server builders and is directly connected to the Linode’s global fiber backbone. This new cloud service will be available at low and affordable price like they are in another region in which the company operates. In Asia Pacific, India is the second largest country with fastest growing cloud services. By analyzing this demand, the company was planning to make entry in the Indian market from past two years. Linode which was founded in 2003 is one of the largest open cloud providers in the world and is very strong positioning in the cloud computing business. The company has approximately 8, 00,000 customers among business, developers and startup community and is headquartered in Philadelphia. “According to Data Bridge Market, Asia-Pacific Data Center Construction Market is projected to register a CAGR of 12.4% in the forecast period of 2019 to 2026” For more key insights and market trends regarding the data centers construction and their future trend, visit: