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L&T delivers first launch hardware for Gaganyan despite Covid-19 restrictions

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  • Dec 02, 2020

Major industry named Larsen and turbo has delivered India’s first launch hardware for Gaganyaan launch vehicle to Indian space research organization (ISRO) ahead of schedule, and before time. L&T does not care about the limitations imposed by Covid-19 pandemic. This is the matter of nations pride and property so they can’t afford any delay in this delivery so they did it before time. The middle segment of the world’s third largest solid propellant rocket booster, s-200 has been delivered ahead of schedule with zero defects said the company in a conference. This mission is going to break all record and will be a trendsetter in the space industry and we can mark our rank in outer galaxy.

The segment was very hard and is unbreakable it was produced at L&T Powai Aerospace manufacturing facility, meeting the enhanced quality and timeline requirements for Indian’s maiden manned mission. Gaganyaan is a space manned mission scheduled its launch in Dec 2020, is likely to be delayed, sources said. It was part of the two unmanned missions to be undertaken by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) ahead of the planned launch of India’s maiden human spaceflight under Gaganyaan in December 2021. The likely delay in the first unmanned mission was recently conveyed to the Space Commission, the apex policymaking body on space-related issues. The Space Commission is headed by ISRO chairman and Department of Space secretary K. Sivan. Two years ago, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced the human space mission in his Independence Day address. The Gaganyaan mission aims to send a three-member crew to space for a period of five to seven days by 2022 when India completes 75 years of Independence. ISRO had started planning for the mission accordingly. The first unmanned mission was planned in December 2020, the second unmanned mission in June 2021.

For the desired elliptical orbit it should have a great carrying capacity for launching an orbiter module. ISRO’S heavy lift launcher GSLV Mk 3 is identified for Gaganyan mission. The segment has a very unique feature because it has to face a lot of atmospheric pressure and a huge force, the critical booster segment has a diameter of 3.2 metre, 8.5 metre in length and weighing 5.5 tons, was jointly flagged off in a virtual event because it is not allowed to make a gathering the event was addressed by K Sivan, secretary department of space & chairman ISRO and Jayant patil who is the whole time director and member of L&T board. There are many things happening across the country and to monitor that this Gaganyaan mission will help government to find it. L&T termed this delivery as a magnificent Diwali gift to the nation. Every Indian should celebrate this as this is the initial step of a great victory and we should be proud. Sivan complimented the ISRO and L&T teams and said both the teams have relentlessly put all their knowledge, resources and hard work and worked on realizing the fight hardware ahead of schedule while maintaining the highest quality standards required for a human space flight mission. The product used is very high quality and constructed under great supervision. L&T always maintain its quality whether it is a space project or any project of metro.

It is an honor for L&T that this opportunity is given to ISRO and it is a moment of pride that ISRO trusted us in this extremely critical space programme, where the best engineer minds and skilled hands of L&T are meeting the technological challenges with ISRO its five decade old partner and if this mission is successful there will be more technological ideas and project will come in future and help to discover the untouched world of space as well as Earth.