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Luminescent Windows and Solar Energy:

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  • May 20, 2021

The next-generation technology is evolving at a very fast rate and people are using technology to do their daily activities. Engineers are now developing the latest technologies which can direct the sunlight or illumination to a specific place and it also directs from indoors to edge band solar cells. The evolving technologies by researchers prove a technology-oriented future to us and it will help many individuals to save their energy. The next-generation energy collection is being suggested by the scientist of Rice University and the engineers of that university are also working on some different projects which give a better solution and an advanced technique to make the use of luminescent solar concentrators. The installment of solar panels is increasing because people are now getting aware of the energy wastage and how there will be an extinction of fossil fuels. Solar energy is well-organized channel energy that has lots of advantages and you don’t need to waste or destroy nature for it. Our ecosystem depends upon it and if we keep destroying it at the same rate we will someday lose all of it.

This study was lead and studied by Rafael Verduzco and postdoctoral researcher and lead author Yilin Li who belongs to Rice’s Brown school of engineering. The team can design the foot square window with the help of many engineers and their mind is always trying to build something new. The design is very complex and there are other functions of this window such as it sandwiches a conjugated polymer between two clear acrylic panels.

The acrylic panels give a storage technique and which captures the energy completely. The secret sauce is the thin layer and it gives a whole new possibility. It is very well designed and engineered in a way that it absorbs light in a very specific wavelength and guides to panel edges which are consecutively lined with solar cells. Solar cells can reconstruct the design as conjugated polymers are chemical compounds that can be well-tuned with a specific type.