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Microsoft’s New Platform Will Aggrandize the Autonomous Things

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  • Sep 11, 2019
Autonomous things or AuT is a new technological development which will help the computers to interact with their external environment without any human association so that they can communicate and move freely with other objects.  There are many new technological development and advancement in the artificial intelligence and machine learning and according to experts this will change the way businesses and processes are working.  Autonomous things like autonomous vehicles usually collect the data from the surrounding like road conditions, pedestrian, moving vehicles etc. so that they can use this data to ensure the safety of the people. These machines are designed with advanced programming models and AI so that they can interact more naturally with the environment and the people. Today, many companies are trying to develop ‘citizen application developer’ which will be used by the people who are not professionals but can use these AI driven tools so that they can create new solutions. Recently, Microsoft at Microsoft’s Build developer conference announced the launch of their new Azure- based platform which is made along with their acquired company Bonsai. The platform first component: a limited preview program is specially designed to so that the developers can work along with experts so that they can create intelligent agents by using Microsoft AI and Azure tools. The team consists of the researchers and experts from both Microsoft and Bonsai.  This new platform is the combination of different Microsoft tools like Microsoft’s own AirSim with counterfeit tools so that they can provide better training to the models in realistic and safe surrounding. According to Gurdeep Pall, Microsoft Vice President for Business AI, ‘Machines are going through a phase from being manual to fixed automated function. Now they want the machines to be intelligent so that they can understand and deal with the real world situations and challenges. The main aim is to provide customers machines which they can operate even without any AI knowledge. “ For the testing and integration of this new system, Microsoft worked with Sarcos who creates robots which are controlled by an operator. They along with Microsoft created a new robot which can face obstacles like climbing stairs and metallic walls. Even, it is operated by an operator; robot can still sense the environment and not have to deal with the mechanics of controlling the robots. This new platform also trained an intelligent forklift to pick up and deliver loads autonomously while recognizing and avoiding other obstacles. Bonsai CEO Mark Hammond said that,’ any machine or system that interacts with the physical world should be made smarter and more uncontrolled. But keeping human in the loop is still very fascinating as it will increase the capabilities of the machines.  Now Microsoft along with Schneider is planning to create new autonomous cooling and heating systems which can react as per the temperature change. Microsoft aim is to help the companies to start adopting these autonomous machines in their business and industries. These autonomous machines can help them to improve their productivity and will help them to get closer to their goals. This new platform also enables the non- AI experts to control these machines without any requirement of any machine language or knowledge.