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Music Helps Combat Mental Fatigue, Study Says

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  • Aug 30, 2021

According to a survey, people who listen to music regularly while running has seen an increase in their performance without feeling mentally exhausted. Researchers found that the performance of runners who listened to a self-selected playlist after fulfilling a demanding brain teaser was very much at the same level as if they were not mentally fatigued. This study is the first to consider the good and harmful effects of listening to music while focusing on work. Mental fatigue is a huge problem these days, and people feel mentally tired all the time. The study focuses on the effects of listening to motivational music on endurance and running capacity of people.

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh used two tests to study how listening to music affected the running performance of eighteen fitness enthusiasts. One test looked at the effects on interval running caliber of nine active athletes, alternating between high-intensity running and low-intensity jogging, and the other in a 5 km time trial with a group of nine trained runners. The groups took a 30-minute computerized cognitive test that put them into a state of mental exhaustion before starting the high-intensity exercise. They were tested with and without self-chosen motivational music. The researchers helped participants choose motivational songs with a pre-test questionnaire that asked them to rate the rhythm, style, melody, tempo, sound, and rhythm of the music. Some instances of songs the participants heard were: "Everyday" by A $ ap Rocky, "Addicted to you" by Avicii, "Run this town" by JayZ "Eye of the Tiger" from Survivor. Heart rate and perceived exertion rating were measured at several points during exercise. The team took into account the results of a benchmark test conducted by participants who did not have a demanding mental test. The results that researchers got from it were overwhelming, and it helps them to analyze that music is very much directly proportional to performance. There is a fact that whenever there is any grand opening of an event, we play music so that athletes find it motivational and perform well in sports.