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Newest billionaire of Malaysia’s automates factories around the world

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  • Feb 08, 2021

Demand for electric vehicle and solar energy is very high in this regulating environment and this tech world. The high requirement of these technologies is becoming very beneficial to many entrepreneur around the globe. The Malaysian businessman and entrepreneur Tan Eng Kee cofounder and CEO of Penang-based Greatech Technology is enjoying the fruit of growing demand rate of electric vehicle and solar energy as it is very beneficial to him and his assets. In the past year a jump of 330% was recorded, the company which makes industrial automation equipment for a variety of different manufacturer saw this huge share jump. Renewable energy and electric vehicles are very much in demand because of the uncertainty of nature and how we humans are destroying the environment for us without thinking that our next generation will have to suffer a lot and there will be reduction in oxygen as well in the coming days of modern technology word. Where every equipment and human work is now dependent on the machines and not on self minded movements. Propelling Tan into business and billionaire club and present in front of you with a net worth of just over $1 billion.

Tan always said that the business should be done with your intuition and it should be established by seeing the needs of the environment and also for the needs of nature and so he was very rely on all the natural resources. Renewable energy and electric vehicles are hot now. Tan established his business in 1997 which helped him to grow and it is really a big struggle for lifting up the business from bottom to top. He started his business with his school buddy Khor Lean Heng who now serves as Greatech’s COO. They are successful to boost up their profitability.

Sales for the 3rd quarter ended on 30 September, 2020 and when it is calculated the results are mesmerizing. They were up 17% to 184.78 million ringgit ($44.44 million), while net profit grossed 64% to 59.338 million ringgit ($14.27). Greatech successfully completed their current project in which they are able to make automated equipment for direct production lines for a host of manufacturers from medical devices maker to producing renewable energy producer to semiconductor firms. From the international market which is also considered as standard market the company which gets more than 50% of its business, primarily the US has a list of marquee clients including lordstown Motors, in Ohio. It is a manufacturer of electric pick-up trucks which is again a great example source of energy saving. This machine works on the energy source which is extracted from nature and it is pollution less and hence can carry a lot of goods in a particular time. There are more notable products which include a robotic hand for placing solar modules in a single production line. The equipment is used for handling solar wafers on a production line and an automated measuring device for smartphones.