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“ODATA with the help CyrusOne to initiate their first data center in Colombia”

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  • Sep 11, 2019
In this tech savvy scenario it is been observed that companies are emphasizing more in the renovation of data center and looking for alternative energy sources to power them. The revolutionizing trend is surging the data centers demand. Data being one of the most crucial parts of the business makes many companies to create their own data centers within the organization. It has been reported that companies will invest more in the data centers in years to come. For the accommodation of large data centers, several organizations are looking out for innovative power sources generating that will help in lower return on investment. Companies are planning for N+2 levels of power redundancy showing an increased emphasis on uptime. “ODATA with the help of CyrusOne announced the launch of their first data center DC BG01 in Bogata, Colombia” This is the company’s second data center after DC SP01 in São Paulo, Brazil. The new data center is high density, certified Tier III Design data center, and is a 7.8MW facility. This data center has the total area of 6,400 m² According to Kevin Timmons, CyrusOne’s chief technology officer ‘This data center is made with the combination of ODATA´s local expertise with the global chain of the CyrusOne’s so that they can cater same services to their customers in the Colombia which they offer to their global customers. He also added that they are happy about their expansion in Colombia and is excited to work with their customer at this new data centers. CyrusOne and ODATA in 2018 entered into a definitive agreement in which CyrusOne invested $12 million in exchange for 10% equity interest in ODATA. Kevin Timmons also joined the ODATA board of directors Ricardo Ricardo Alario, chief executive officer of ODATA said that ‘By combining the CyrusOne’s global platform with the company’s local expertise they will be able to provide their customer with efficient and world class data center capacity in the region’. This launch will also help the company to dominate in the market as they already have the largest data center campus in Brazil and now by expanding their presence in Colombia. CyrusOne operate around 45 data center facilities in different region such as Asia, Europe, and United States so that they can help the customers to meet their increasing IT demands and requirement. There are approximately more than 7500 data centers in the world and out which 2600 data centers are present in the global cities. According to Ciena, the data center construction will be increasing by 21% per year by 2018. “According to Data Bridge Market, global data center construction market is set to witness a healthy CAGR of 11.1% in the forecast period of 2019- 2026” For more key insights and market trends regarding the data centers construction and their future trend, visit: