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People With MA Have Increased Risk of Stroke and Other Cardiovascular Diseases:

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  • Jul 23, 2021

Recently, the research scientists have discovered a new discovery in the field of healthcare which might actually be helpful. There are four coagulation factors that can contribute to patient susceptibility to migraines with auras. A technique was used in genetic analysis named as mandelian randomization which is helpful in recognizing 12 coagulation measures. Scientists have uncovered four that are highly associated with migraine susceptibility. Many of the population suffer from migraine which doesn’t even have a proper treatment or cure. According to a survey, nearly 15 percent of the U.S. population experiences migraine. Understanding the problem of migraine needs a lot of study and experiments. Though, understanding one of the subtypes of migraine, named, migraine with aura or MA, is not everyone’s cup of tea. Individuals who suffer from MA may have the possibility to experience blind spots or jagged lines.

People who experience MA are also at increased risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease, although scientists continue to investigate why this correlation exists. In a new study from Brigham and Women's Hospital, researchers used a genetic analysis technique called Mendelian randomization to look at 12 coagulation measurements, discovering four associated with susceptibility to migraines. Interestingly, the scientists only observed these associations in people with MA and did not observe such associations in people with migraines without aura (OM). Her research suggests that these hemostatic factors could have a potential effect causal role in MA.

We always wanted to know why people with MA have this increased risk of stroke and other cardiovascular diseases, said author Daniel Chasman, PhD, of Brigham's Department of Preventive Medicine. This study offers promising evidence for MA. The search for a possible cause of migraines with aura has long been an open question in the field. The relationships between clotting and susceptibility to migraines have been speculated for some time. Researchers have basically questioned whether clotting causes migraines or whether there is causality between these two elements.