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Photosynthesis is Old but Still Valuable as Gold:

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  • May 25, 2021

Photosynthesis, which changes daylight into energy, can come in two structures: one that produces oxygen, and one that doesn't. The oxygen-delivering structure is normally expected to have advanced later, especially with the rise of cyanobacteria, or blue-green growth, around 2.5 billion years prior. And, it has been found by the researchers that some bacteria have the potential to perform a crucial role in photosynthesis, and now if we see things are changing very rapidly and they are evolving at a very fast rate on earth but there is some ancient process that is still there with us. So concerning this, there are some challenges for how life might have evolved on the other planets. The evolution of photosynthesis that can produce oxygen is considered a key factor in the eventual emergence of complex life. Life is very much complex these days and people always tend to develop something new and since technology is also increasing very rapidly so there will be more use of oxygen. It has been thought for quite a long while that photosynthesis is vital in this perplexing life. The research done was very accurate and this research was led by the scientist who belongs from Imperial College, London and they have successfully traced the evolution of key proteins which is highly needed for photosynthesis back to possibly the origin of bacterial life present on earth. Earth has lots of undiscovered things and there is a possibility of finding more because it has lots of creatures and other things which are present on the planet. These results are published and freely accessible in BBA Bioenergetics. The lead researcher, Dr. Tanai Cardona from the department of life sciences at Imperial said that we have previously shown that the biological system for performing oxygen production is known as the photosystem.

It is considered the oldest with extreme potential. It is so old that it gets difficult to place it on the timeline of life’s history.