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SBI mobile banking app is down for the third time in 30 days – digital services take hit for the 25th time this year

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  • Jan 27, 2021

YONO SBI app is down once again and it is happening 3rd time this month. This is an era of digital payment and the consumers are so much dependent on it. The online payment mode is very much frequent these days and they are being used by most of the citizen of the country. The mode of transaction is very fast and transparent so people most probably choose it. There are other features like you can check your balance at any time unless until the server is not down. SBI bank of India’s mobile banking services are down yet again after ages. This is the third time its mobile application YONO has been not working properly for its customers in the last few days. It can create a lot of problem when the server gets down for just 1 minute because many users are using YONO or in the middle of any transaction so it might cause a problem. In the past one year the bank’s E service has been down at least 25 times with many of problems are there like technical glitches and all.

The online banking of SBI is very successful. After the indignation on twitter SBI has considered that its mobile banking service is not working properly due to a system outrage and is working on fixing the problem. Let’s talk about something on YONO. SBI YONO stands for You Only Need One. This is a digital banking app launched by the State Bank of India (SBI) to be a one-stop solution for banking, lifestyle, insurance, investment, and shopping needs. Various actions can be done through this app including applying for loans, opening a savings account instantly or even shopping online.

SBI YONO provides the largest range of products and services on the move. This app is designed for a unified and seamless experience. 

Key Features and Benefits of SBI YONO App

  • Instant Account Opening
  • Complete paperless transactions
  • Unified app for lifestyle expense and banking
  • Fund transfer via UPI
  • Smart spending – spend analysis
  • Pre-Approved personal loan on the move
  • An instant account opening from anywhere
  • You can get exclusive discount offers and special deals on the move
  • Purchase all financial products from a single app
  • Transfer funds in just four clicks
  • Get overdraft facility against fixed deposit
  • Benefit from intelligent spend analyser

State bank customers insist their customers to keep patience and they are looking into the problem and will resolve the issue as soon as possible. To restore the YONO app it requires a lot of technical efforts and a team effort. Skilled technician can look into the problem because one wrong step can put the whole system down. The SBI outage comes in the wake of the Reserve Bank of India asking HDFC bank to explain why it has been suffering from outrages over the last two years. Albeit, HDFC bank’s outrage ran across the spectrum, taking down its ATMs, UPI transactions and online banking – SBI’s glitches have occurred a lot more often.