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SIA Revealed Different Sales in Different Regions:

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  • Jun 09, 2021

The semiconductors industry is growing at a rapid rate and industries and people are using them in their daily lifestyles. These semiconductors have become an essential product. Most of the business is gaining huge profit from it. Smartphone manufacturers, automobile manufacturers are demanding more semiconductor devices to be produced within their organization and as the demand is increasing, the production automatically takes a very good hike. The SIA or semiconductor industry association, today has actively announced global semiconductor sales has been going up and according to statistics, they revealed the sales analysis which was $39.6 billion in February 2021, and then a sudden increase was observed which is 14.7% of the total of $34.5 billion. If you see the monthly sales, they are compiled by the world semiconductor trade statistics organization and it then represents a three-month moving average. SIA represents 98% of the US semiconductor industry in terms of revenue and the revenue was also generated from non-US chip firms. The generation of revenue from these firms has also increased with great numbers.

The semiconductor sales during the first two months of the year have currently outpaced the sales from early in 2020 and these stats have been seen globally. It wasn’t expected that the sales will grow at this high magnitude. 

But alas! Then came the pandemic and the supply chain business slowed down but the sales ratio was constant and there was not much incline in sales. The reason being the production line is directly linked to the supply chain and when the supply chain wasn’t able to deliver the product to the desired place, the sales automatically reduced.

Talking about sales in China market, there was the largest year-to-year growth and the growth was huge. The reason behind this was the down sales last year and thus, they had a lot of time to recover from this loss. Regionally year-to-year sales increased across all markets. Month-to-month sales increased in the Asia-Pacific/All Other (1.5%) and Europe (0.8%), held flat in China, and decreased in Japan (-3.4%) and the Americas (-5.9%).