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Sleep is Essential in Associating Emotions with Memory:

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  • Apr 23, 2021

According to research by the University of Michigan, when you slip into a deep sleep it’s very easy to imagine that your brain shuts down. Tattooing memories into your brain is done automatically by your brain and a group of neurons is activated which keeps humming all the time. It was observed that how memories associated with specific sensory events trigger in your subconscious mind. When people are in sleep their neurons constantly regulate. A study was conducted before the coronavirus pandemic where the researchers examined how a fearful memory formed about a specific visual stimulus. During subsequent sleep researches, we found that not only the neurons are activated but also are very much active when they are following a specific sleep pattern. A part of our brain is highly active in sleep as compared to when we are awake.

There was something very unclear about this process as scientists were brainstorming about the reactivation of memories during sleep. This reactivation process of memories during sleep leads to capture the memory which is recently created. When someone learns something new, the process of memory storage gets clear and faster. The emotions created by human beings are nicely stored in form of molecules and atoms.

Now a question arises that whether there is some bridge of communication between parts of the brain? It was then found that different parts of brain have different kinds of functions and they act accordingly such as the part of the brain that mediates the fear memory and the neurons that mediates the sensory memories. Also, a visual memory test was created and performed by the researchers and experts where this test was focused on a specific set of neurons in the primary visual cortex. It was found that, during a specific window of time, there is an activation that is generated by the experiences .And now; researchers have the tool to genetically tag cells.