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Softbank CEO Masayoshi son says he feels ‘so stupid’ for passing up early opportunities to invest in Tesla and Amazon:

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  • Dec 02, 2020

On Tuesday Softbank CEO Masayoshi spoke at The New York Times DealBook conference that he felt stupid as he didn’t invest in Amazon or Tesla at initial. Softbank has invested in tech giants including Google, Amazon and Microsoft but his son said he regrets previous changes to invest in Amazon and Tesla early on. These tech giants are now achieving great heights in every sector and becoming a new face of stores and technology where you can find every relevant solution.

Softbank CEO Masayoshi son is a big proponent of owning up to mistakes and he acknowledged two of his biggest while speaking at the New York Times Dealbook conference on the morning of Tuesday. He did a great mistake and didn’t believe the future results of this industry. There are some statements said by CEO as he had a golden chance to achieve more heights of business he said I’m so stupid don’t embarrass me, son said putting his hand to his head after host Andrew Ross sorkin mentioned that son has a chance to invest with Jeff Bezos talked one on one in a hotel for few hours discussing business exchange and help mutually. Without saying exactly when, son said that years ago before Amazon’s IPO, he and Bezos talked and almost agreed on a deal. Son wanted to invest a part that is $100 million company, not a $300 million company. The deal never went through because of some issues and so it was a regretted decision ever taken. Now Amazon value is at over $1.5 trillion. He might have learnt from this mistake, instead Softbank has invested $102 million in Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.

The future of growing industries are very unpredictable and uncertain no one knows who will become more in wealth by the time it depends on trust and understanding of bonds between industries and business relation. This might be a very risk taker thing but without it you cannot achieve the golden part or the maximum height. Amazon is expanding day by day in tech and e-commerce. The growth of business expansion depend on something and it is very important to see these few steps and then do make a strategic plan to achieve a goal. The businesses are now working on many AI functions and according to it they are expanding their GST store. Talking about India Amazon is expanding its web very frequently.

Amazon is expanding its online grocery business to India as part of its plans for the fast-growing market, the company announced Thursday. Amazon Fresh will be available to customers in some parts of Bengaluru through its main India website and app, the company said, and it will later be rolled out to other cities. The service will deliver groceries within two hours between 6 a.m. and midnight, according to a press release. The move comes one day after Amazon launched its biggest campus in the world in Hyderabad, India, according to Reuters. The campus will serve as an outpost for 15,000 employees and sprawl over 9.5 acres, Reuters reported, saying the company currently has 62,000 employees in the country. Amazon has already invested heavily in India, with hundreds of open positions listed in the region as of January, including in its retail and marketplace divisions. The company has invested roughly $5 billion in the first five years of its business there. While India’s large population represents a huge opportunity for Amazon, local regulations could also slow down its growth in the region. India’s new e-commerce law came into effect in February, banning companies like Amazon and its local competitor Flipkart from selling products from companies in which they have an equity stake. Analysts estimated the rules would have a short-term impact on the e-commerce companies while they build new models to comply with the rules.