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Strict Parenting Hinders Intellectual Growth:

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  • Jun 07, 2021

A study has shown, parent’s harsh behavior on their child will lead to a smaller and less development of their brain and there are chances of them becoming cranky, irritated, and hateful towards many things at their early age. This study also tells that harsh parenting practices in childhood have real-time long-term consequences in brain development. There are symptoms like repeatedly getting angry at small things, hitting very hard, shaking, or yelling at other children for not any specific reason is linked with smaller brain structure in adolescence. And according to a new study this all was seen and constantly proved. According to a new study published online, in the age of adolescence, these symptoms and habits have more chances to get developed and they can develop in a very much active way. This study was published in the field of development and psychology. It was accurately conducted by Sabrina Suffern, Ph.D. at University De Montreal, and The CHU Sainte Justine Research center who is in high collaboration and active partnership with Stanford University.

People around the globe agree with the above theories and also believe that one children’s behavior affects another child’s behavior. Hence, the population will adapt to things like this taking, society, and communities in trouble. The harsh parenting practices covered by the study are very much common and now this is the time when people started accepting these things in the country. Many developed countries have space and areas where they educate children for behavioral change and hence it makes them rich in ethics and manners.

The implications go beyond changes in the brain. I think what's important is for parents and society to understand that the frequent use of harsh parenting practices can harm a child's development. We're talking about their social and emotional development, as well as their brain development. Children become socially very weak and when they grow up, they lack confidence.