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The Evolution of Energy and Resources

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  • Dec 12, 2020

In the modern and evolving era of tech and business world, energy and material are characterized by significant shifts through which we are able to create new opportunities for upcoming world. The usage of energy and resources is in a very heavy amount these days by big companies and multi functioning machinery, we can see a new trend and technology changes the way energy it is being produced, and it can be delivered or consumed in any form. In parallel and under the current production- consumption model, world demand for raw materials and it could be double by 2060. The production of these energy and materials should be increased as the time is passing it demands more. As of now, the demand rate is very high because of evolving advanced machines and a great future needs modern machines and so the source of energy should be at top notch level crossing all the mean lines in between. Investment, innovations and public private collaborations are needed to boost or to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable, secure and affordable energy system, there is an obvious demand of boosting these because the outcome must be a golden egg and it is done while optimizing the net social and economic value delivered by materials. Strong collaboration and commitments within the energy and material industries and across their value chains are essential to galvanize these action and for a long lasting terms of relationship, a lone hand cannot do it because a lot of cost and manpower is needed in between the whole process because extracting energy from its raw materials need a huge support of economy, tools for mining, a great strategy which is not harmful for nature and the permission of authorized government body.

The platform is focused on pushing the boundaries of the energy and materials through high level, multi stakeholder taskforces, which brings and gathers leaders from the different sectors or industry like, electricity industry which takes control over the whole supply chain of electricity where it is needed the most and how much energy is going to be used for the project for example a big drill machine needs a lot of energy but a small machine needs less energy so it has to be inspected properly as required, the oil and gas sector, the mining and metal industry in mining a lot of workforce is needed and again it needs a great capital and authority by higher authorities, the metal industry is also very much important because the metal that we extract from the rocks needs to be purified in the purest form. Accordingly, it needs a high end resources and materials.

In ancient times, development and advances in the development of materials and energy have defined and limited human social, technology and political aspiration, because the process of getting a large amount of energy carries a lot of political pressure from the political parties. The modern era, with instant global communication and the rising expectation of developing nations, poses energy challenges greater than ever seen before. This is very much critical to access the energy in many domains like wealth, lifestyle and self-image of every country because every country holds a great reputation of its energy and sources. The global use of electricity captures triumph and the challenge of energy and it is increasing day by day if not controlled because world is so much dependent on the advance machines. Such changes in our lives do not come from incremental improvements, but it comes from groundbreaking research, hardcore potential of study, analysis and development on materials that open new horizons and open doors to new dimensional. Tremendous opportunities currently exist for transitioning from carbon based energy sources such as gasoline for engines to electric motors for transportation, as well as from coal fired electric power generation to renewable energy, nuclear energy and wind energy. Now new generation will require a new energy solution like battery materials for massive electricity, high efficiency and low cost solar cells, advanced power handling electronics and many more.