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The First Indian to Ride a HyperLoop

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  • Dec 04, 2020

Meet Tanay Manjerkar, the first Indian to ride a hyperloop. Officially it is announced that the first Indian has travelled in the hyperloop, this is purely a technology which can change the travelling method and creates a whole new experience of travelling at a lightning speed without facing a single jerk. It revolutionizes high speed travel in the future and new generation. On Tuesday as he stepped out of a pod at virgins test facility in Las Vegas, United States, Manjrekar knew he made history and it will be remembered as this was the awesome achievement of virgin hyperloop. In 15 second flat, the test pod had accelerated to 170 kmph, covering 400 meters in a jiffy and it was a lightning experience and never forgettable. It was a very smooth ride and I didn’t feel a single jerk I wish it would have gone more long because if you are holding a cup of coffee not a single drop will splash out of it and you can even done your office work at this high speed said by Manjerkar. It was the most memorable 15 seconds of my life he said.

The technology needs a long path and solid material. The Dev Loop test facility in Las Vegas is 500 m long, but virgin hyperloop has proposed to build a larger certification facility in West Virginia. The corridor length is expected to be six miles. It is an American hyperloop transportation technology, the concept behind this technology is to use a linear electric motor to accelerate and decelerate an air bearing levitated pod through a low pressure tube. There is an ability to travel silently a lot of miles with a speed of 760mph and more with a very low turbulence. The best part of the whole system is that it is fully automated and you just have to give commands, the destination from where to where you want to do your journey. Additionally it is proposed to build on columns or tunneled underground and it does not need any highway or rail tracks.

Manjerkar was trained for several months on this project as he knows the ride was the real thing. A lot of hard work and dedication is invested in it and he was very much excited to take the ride because not everyone becomes the first Indian hyperloop traveler. This ride was a part of a certification process to let world see that hyperloop is safe secure and is ready to come into the world for giving a very frequent service. It is a very steady process. On the fresh morning on Tuesday a power electronic specialist and fellow passenger AnneyHyunh, a manager at virgins IT division, stepped into the test pod beaming and shows that it is safe and secure. The company had raised $295 million on December and demonstrated a form of propulsion technology on May 11 2016 at its test site. Hyperloop has completed a 500 meter development loop held its first full scale hyperloop test. The clothes that were put on were normal and it just need you have to wear a seatbelt and don’t need to be dressed like an astronaut. The smooth acceleration meant passenger comfort was a priority. In the acceleration the passenger don’t need any type of disturbance. The test pod has a capacity of 2 members but when it comes to commercial vehicle it will have a capacity of 28 members in all and it may be constructed with more space. It could be anywhere in India. I could just fly down to Mumbai and take a hyperloop ride to Pune and it will hardly take 25 minute or less.